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Our range of Inline A-Series Engines.

Our range of engines is suitable for Austin Healey Sprite, Austin A30,A35,A40, MG Midget, Morris Minor and all rear wheel drive A Series applications. For kit cars please contact us before hand with your requirements.

​We cater for all from standard re-manufactured through to Hill-Climbs and Circuit racers. We have entrants in the Healey Sport speed trials, MG Midget Challenge and the CSCC Swinging Sixties.

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Race & Competition


948/1098 Road and Fast Road


1275 / 1330 Road and Fast Road


A/A+ Inline Short Engines

What we offer

Our engines are built up to the highest standards, using all new replacement parts, all reconditioned parts are selected/inspected, chemically cleaned, re-inspected / crack-tested and manually finished before use. New parts are used throughout and checked in the same manner. We only ever build to exacting standards.

All of our A series engines are rebuilt and fully reconditioned to the highest standards using good quality brand named parts. This means that whether you are purchasing a standard re-manufactured unit, or one of our improved units, the same attention to detail and quality of components are used, for examples, We use race quality cam-followers in all of our builds, this is due to them being sized correctly and with a larger contact point for the lobe.

We use competition head studs in our standard and stage 1 builds and ARP studs in our Stage 2 upwards. We have tested every part that we have used and where there have been problems, we have sourced and tested alternatives, this has meant that our build prices might be slightly higher than others but it also means that you are buying the best in reliability and performance. We want each customer to experience the engine exactly as it should be. We stand proudly behind our engines and offer a full warranty for all road units. 

Each build is backed by a catalogue of photos and where possible video, upon completion we issue a build booklet, filled with all part numbers, engine specification, test results, warranty and installation instruction.  


What we offer:

948, 1098 and 1275cc Inline A Series Engines.

  • ​Reconditioned (remanufactured) to better-than-new standards. Built for today's fuels with unleaded seats, duplex timing.

  • Sports - Our sports range offers a fully balanced bottom end with our preferred camshaft for active sports performance in the chosen engine platform. Duplex timing, all new internals. Fully reconditioned cylinder head, CC checked for correct CR to compliment the package, with double valve springs and 1.3 ratio forged rockers.

  • Grand Tourer (GT) - Building on the strong foundations of the Sports package. Fully balanced bottom end including new Clutch and Flywheel. Fully dialed in timing with Vernier duplex system. Stage 2 Grand Tourer (GT) Specification Cylinder head.

  • Road Sports (RS) - Building on the strong foundations of the Sport and Grand Tourer packages. Fully balanced bottom end including new Clutch and Flywheel. Built with ARP Con Rod bolts and Cylinder Head Studs. Fully dialed in timing with Vernier duplex system. Stage 3 (Road Sports) specification Cylinder head.

Please note: Where a customer supplies their own engine for reconditioning or modification, we will use that engine and its components unless there is a defect or fault that does not allow for a rebuild. At this point a suitable like for like will be used from our core stock. For 1275cc based applications, We have MG Midget / Austin Healey Sprite and Morris Marina core units. For reconditioned standard road units, unless otherwise requested we will just pull the next core from stock. For our GT and RS packages we will pick the next cores that are either Standard or on their first oversize and will be built using EN16T Crankshaft. Race applications, where the regulations require a specific engine casting we will build using that exact casting, where the regulations are open with engine variations, we will build using the next cores that are either Standard or on their first oversize and will be built using EN16T (or where applicable EN40B) Crankshaft.

If you have an exact requirement, please specify at the very start, make it clear. What ever the application, we will pick the most suitable core and machine to exacting standards, you will receive the very best engine for your application. That's an MCCS promise.

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