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We do not close our doors throughout the year and have finished 2023 off very strong, Not only have we set up our new premises but we also managed to get the final 12 engines tested and out of the door in December. There have been some huge changes in 2023 with the acquisition of a larger machine shop and relocation to our new state of the art facility being at the heart of it all. These changes have meant that we have strong growth opportunities moving forward with increased capacity, quicker turn around times and a wider range of services.  Along side these big changes we have also been extremely busy doing what we do best, building Road, Performance Road and Race engines. We have surpassed 820 builds on our all time charts now with the next big milestone being the 1000 mark, that in itself is something we are very proud of. We have built on the strong platform that our road engines stand and have managed broker several great relationships with leading, longstanding specialist workshops, these trade partners carry stock of our engines to use in their client builds, 2024 will expand on this route and we will begin to publicise this throughout January when we implement some changes to the websites.


2023 also saw us expand our race activities with more than 20 race engines heading out into into several classic race championships globally. We have seen our engines pick up overall race wins and podium finishes, drivers besting their previous records and great reliability.

We have also purchased our very own MG Midget which is currently being prepared for the 2024 season.

We are looking to work through most of the engines currently on order with us throughout January and February. We have an extra member of staff joining the team from Mid January and we expect that from April we will be able to bring all engine lead times (for build up units) down to 6-8 weeks. Please be patient with us through January whilst we work our way through them and find our best work flow practices in our new premises.


With 2024 shaping up to be the biggest and best year for MCCS the build shop and office staff are going to enjoy some much needed time with their young families. Our office and build shop will be closed from 22th December - 15th January. Our machine shop will be back putting your engines through from 3rd January.
You can reach us throughout the festive break at and your emails will get picked up and responded to as quickly as possible.


Thank you to those who have joined us on this incredible journey through 2023 and already signed up for Road or Race engines for 2024. We have lots of exciting projects going through build at the moment. You will see lots of MCCS engines on the circuits and hitting the hills in 24!


Obviously the big news for 2023 has been the purchase of a long standing machine shop and our relocation to new premises. This has been something we have been mentioning all year, with the original intention being that we would be settled in for March, it is hard to believe that the move did not complete until November! This did have a knock-on to several builds that were going through our works in May-July as several engines went into crates and storage ready for our move, only to later be taken back out to be worked on.

It is safe to say that with increased workloads and the move, 2023 has been a very busy year.

2023 started as it meant to go on, kicking on from a successful 2022 we had a queue of competition engines going through the build shops,

2023 became our best ever season for Race / Competition engines, both in term of results and gaining new clients. It is safe to say that each driver who has either come to us for the first time to refresh their existing race engine, or chosen MCCS to build their fresh build has been able to push harder, for longer. Bigger power, longer life! So we are thrilled with the results, seeing them move up the grid has been great and like with all skilled crafts, the more data you have the better you become, We are now a year on, lots of dyno sessions, lots of rolling road sessions and of course lots of analysis at the race weekends has meant that we have been able to develop some of these engines further, pick out parts we feel we could improve in our machine shop and get ready to go again.

Our road engine builds were ever present in the build shop, chalking up another 63 builds this year and taking our total to over 820 builds. The next milestone is the big 1000.


With certain component item prices set to rise in January, it is likely that the prices of some of our engines will be reviewed when we return on the 15th January, this is also when we will be reviewing the lead times for the Reconditioned engine packages. Anyone wishing to purchase before 15th when we return will purchase at 2023 prices and with the current lead times still in place.


2023 Gallery

Here are some of the highlights from the last 12 months!

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