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We do not close our doors throughout the year and have finished 2022 off with a bang, 14 engines out the door in December. There are some huge things happening in 2023 with the acquisition of a larger machine shop planned for early in the year and some incredible entrants into several classic race championships. With a mega year already planned the build shop and office staff are going to enjoy some much needed time with their young family. Our office and build shop will be closed from 24th December - 16th January. Our machine shop will be back putting your engines through from 3rd January.
You can reach us throughout the festive break at and your emails will get picked up and responded to as quickly as possible.


Thank you to those who have joined us on this incredible journey through 2022 and already signed up for Road or Race engines for 2023. We have lots of exciting projects going through build at the moment. You will see lots of MCCS engines on the circuits and hitting the hills in 23!


2022 started as it meant to go on, kicking on from a successful 2021 we spent January improving our build shop facilities, a new purpose  built room was created, 5m x 9m with Steel benches all around, 3 fully stocked too chests, loads of lighting, 2 big engine stands and several hydraulic benches, it is heaven! This room allows us to continue to push the builds through and at the same time continue our development work. February/March was spent getting the last of the competition engines out ready for the season.

2022 became our best ever season for Race / Competition engines, both in term of results and gaining new clients. It is safe to say that each driver who has either come to us for the first time to refresh their existing race engine, or chosen MCCS to build their fresh build has been able to push harder, for longer. Bigger power, longer life! So we are thrilled with the results, seeing them move up the grid has been great and like with all skilled crafts, the more data you have the better you become, We are now a year on, lots of dyno sessions, lots of rolling road sessions and of course lots of analysis at the race weekends has meant that we have been able to develop some of these engines further, pick out parts we feel we could improve in our machine shop and get ready to go again.

We have more than doubled our competition engines for 2023 and have been working through a busy schedule of work ready for the 2023 season. With that in mind (you can read more about this next bit in the Festive offer section below) we have decided that we need a fresh approach at some of our more Standard Road Engines as the race engines have started to demand a lot of the time in the machine shop. We always made great efforts to be able to turn engines around in a short time span, due entirely to running our own machine and build shops. However there are only 4 of us, 1 engine builder, 1 gearbox builder, 2 machinists. This means that the lead times for the road engines have increased from 8 weeks to 16 weeks over the course of this year and look likely to remain at that or increase further. The difficulty is that to produce an engine that we are happy to stand behind, no matter the specification of that engine, the checks and preparations remain. This includes, con rod resizing, re bushing, piston ring gapping etc, the attention really is in the little details. It means that when competition engines are on our machines we are unable to start some of the tasks for the standard road engines until the machines are clear. We had two approaches for this, remove standard engines from our options or increase the build schedule so that customers are prepared for the worst case and may receive their engine sooner depending on our workload.

We have developed most of the existing engine packages this year, with a couple of revisions to camshaft and overall specifications.

  • All of our engines now go with either ARP Head studs or MiniSpares Competition head studs, This was due to having 2 OE specification head studs snap on their first service inspection. We did not have any before and have not had any since but we do not want to run the risk. We used ARP head studs for all Race and Stage 3 Road Builds anyway but now all engines have been included.

  • We use Swiftune Race Cam-followers in all builds above standard reconditioned. they take to the modified camshafts better and for performance builds give a better response and longevity to the camshaft and followers them selves.

  • We have expanded our own range of Steel Con Rods, these now include variations for A Series, B Series, Ford Pinto.


With certain component item prices set to rise in January, it is likely that the prices of some of our engines will be reviewed when we return on the 16th January, this is also when we will be reviewing the lead times for the Reconditioned engine packages. Anyone wishing to purchase before 16th when we return will purchase at 2022 prices and with the current lead times still in place.


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