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Classic Mini Grand Tourer GT - Balanced,BP255 Cam,Stage 2 Head

Classic Mini Grand Tourer GT - Balanced,BP255 Cam,Stage 2 Head

PriceFrom £5,196.00
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This is an upgraded 1275 Classic Mini Engine, built to the new 2021 Grand Tourer (GT) specification. Grand Tourer - Building on the strong foundations of the Sports package. Fully balanced bottom end including new Clutch and Flywheel. Fully dialed in timing with Vernier duplex system. Stage 2 (GT) Cylinder head CC checked or optimum CR, High Torque BP255 Camshaft.


2022 Update:

Now with Swiftune Heritage Pistons

Mocal Oil Cooler Kit.

  • Product Information

    Note: Gearbox

    If you choose the complete package with Gearbox, This comes fully assembled with Dropgears, Primary Gear, Clutch, Flywheel and all covers. It is a drop in unit that only needs your ancillary items. 

    1330 Grand Tourer Engine is built to the specifications below.

    • Selected 1275 Engine Block - 9 Stud, Crank Shaft, Con Rods.
    • Chemically cleaned, Thoroughly checked, inspected.
    • Machined to include, Boring (+020 or +060), New Cam bearings, Skimmed fire face.
    • Machined Centre Main - Centre Strap.
    • New Core Plugs (Water and Oil)
    • Balanced and Machined crank - Balanced to Rods, Clutch and Flywheel
    • New TRI-METAL King Main Bearing Shells.
    • New Thrust Washers, Shimmed correctly.
    • New TRI-METAL King Big End Bearing Shells.
    • Swiftune Heritage High Perfornance Pistons w/ NPR Rings.
    • New Vernier Duplex Timing Chain Kit Fitted and Shimmed with Crank correctly.
    • BP255 (Piper) Profile Camshaft installed. Timed Correctly.
    • New Large Impeller Water Pump
    • New Billet Oil Filter Housing.
    • Braided Oil Feed Pipe.
    • Distributor Drive Fitted.
    • New iSKY Cam Followers
    • New Push Rods
    • Stage 2 (GT Specification - 9 Stud) Large Valve 12G940 Cylinder Head.
    • New Roller Rocker Assembly. Aligned correctly and Shimmed for correct geometry.
    • MCCS Breather Rocker Cover.
    • Oil Pressure Sensor Fitted.
    • Oil Pressure Relief Valve Fitted.
    • MOCAL Oil Cooler Kit - with Stat
    • Timing Cover Fitted.
    • All new hardware.
    • New Gaskets
    • New Clutch, Flywheel and Ring gear.

    Retro Sport (DSN) Billet Upgrade for:

    • Pressure Relief Valve Nut
    • Rocker Cover Bolts
    • Fuel Pump Blank (where block requires)
    • Oil Filter Housing

    Gearbox Specifications:

    Reconditioned helical transmission with all new ball bearings. 

    • Performance layshaft
    • Centre oil pick up pipe,
    • 3.1 Cross Pin Diff fitted.
    • Any faulty gears replaced.
  • Time Frames and Shipping Info

    We always try to give an accurate and honest time frame for your engine builds, being in control of the machining and build has allowed us to monitor the times with the only out sourced aspect being the testing.
    Due to the successes our race clients are enjoying with our engines along with the consistency of our Road builds, we have found our selves picking up a lot of new Race clients along with supplying some of your favourite classic car specialists both domestically and overseas. With this comes pressure on us to meet the demands from these sometimes time critical builds. We have therefore taken the decision to advertise our road builds on a 6 month build plan. If this looks like it may increase we will let you know at the first signs of it. Last year was our biggest year for trade and Race clients, we have a small team here but we trust each other and know the quality we work to.

    The 6 month build plan is based on all of our set engine packages. Builds that are bespoke to your requirements may take longer.

    Race and Trade clients please contact us before ordering.

    This item is strictly collection only.

    At the moment we do not ship engines. If you would like to have a courier collect your engine this may be possible but you will have to discuss this with us at the time of ordering. We sometimes deliver the engines ourselves if we can plan a route to collect more donor engines.

  • Surcharge and Payment

    Engine Surcharge

    This engine is sold on the basis of having an exchange unit returned to us or working on your own unit. If you do not have a unit to supply us with this is not a problem however there is a £200 (for small bore engines) surcharge that will be applied with your final payment.

    Engine Payments

    If you have found the engine that you wish to purchase from MCCS, you can place your order online or we can create your order for you. 

    To secure your build slot, We only ask for £100 upfront. Once we have completed your machining we then take 50% of the remaining balance (we do not store payment details so we make contact with you at this point) We then complete the build and only when complete and ready for you to collect do we require the remaining balance.

    If you order online you have two payment options, Debit / credit card or Bank Transfer. If you choose card then the system will charge the full balance of the order so we ask that you pay via bank transfer and send £100 to begin with. 

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MCCS allows you to pay in installments through your build directly, with no finance required. So there are options available for all budgets and circumstances.
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