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MGB 1867RS Ultimate Road Engine

MGB 1867RS Ultimate Road Engine

Excluding Sales Tax

1867cc built to Road Sport / Ultimate Road specification. Fully balanced and lightened bottom end including, Steel Rods, Romac Damper Pulley Competition Flywheel, Helix AutoSport Clutch. Fully dialed in timing with Vernier Timing System. MCCS Road Sport Cylinder head CC checked for optimum CR for the camshaft, Length checked push rods. MCCS / Piper RS Camshaft. Built using ARP Con Rod Bolts and Cylinder Head Studs.


2023 Updates:

  • Cometic Race Head Gasket.
  • **We have improved the specification of the Crankshaft, Now; Balanced, Lightened, Knife-Edged / Wedged, and Polished.
  • Product Information

    It is built to the specifications below.

    • Selected 1800 5 Bearing Engine Block and Crank Shaft
    • Chemically cleaned, Thoroughly checked, and inspected.
    • Machined to include, Boring 060", New Cam bearings, and Skimmed fire face.
    • New Core Plugs (Water and Oil)
    • MCCS Steel Con Rods with ARP2000 Bolts
    • Knife-edged, Balanced and Machined Crankshaft - Balanced to Steel Rods, Helix Autosport Clutch and Steel Flywheel
    • New King Tri-Metal Race Main Bearing Shells
    • NEW King Tri-Metal Race Big End Shells
    • New JP Flat Top Pistons with Rings.
    • New Vernier Duplex Timing Chain Kit Fitted and Shimmed with Crank correctly.
    • MCCS / Piper RS Camshaft
    • Timed Correctly.
    • New Large Impeller Water Pump
    • Distributor Drive Fitted.
    • New Race Cam Followers
    • New Length Checked Push Rods.
    • MCCS Road Sport Head - Race 1.69" inlet valves and 1.44" exhaust valves.10.5:1 CR
    • Cometic MLS Head Gasket
    • ARP Cylinder Head Kit.
    • New Forged Rocker Assembly.
    • Modified Rocker Cover with MCCS Breather Pack
    • Rocker Cover Fixings
    • Oil Pressure Sensor Fitted.
    • Oil Pressure Relief Valve Fitted.
    • Timing Cover and Tappet Covers Fitted.
    • All new hardware, New Gaskets.
    • New Helix Autosport Clutch, Steel Flywheel and Ring gear

    FREE Electronic Distributor

    • We will build an electronic distributor to the 1867RS Spec Free of charge for this package.
  • Surcharge and Payment

    Engine Surcharge

    This engine is sold on the basis of having an exchange unit returned to us or working on your own unit. If you do not have a unit to supply us with this is not a problem however there is a £400 (for 1800 B Series engines) surcharge that will be applied with your final payment.

    Engine Payments

    If you have found the engine that you wish to purchase from MCCS, you can place your order online or we can create your order for you. 

    To secure your build slot, We only ask for £100 upfront. Once we have completed your machining we then take 50% of the remaining balance (we do not store payment details so we make