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Classic Mini - Reconditioned A+ Gearbx - 3.44 Differential

Classic Mini - Reconditioned A+ Gearbx - 3.44 Differential

PriceFrom £729.00
Excluding Sales Tax

The MCCS Gearbox Station offers the highest quality builds for road and race application.


Built to the specification below:

Selected Gearbox Casing.

Gearbox and components are stripped, degreased, bead blasted and visually inspected for signs of wear or failure.

Any parts that are deamed unusable are renewed with good serviceable second hand parts or new units as required. All bearings are changed regardless of condition.

  • Performance Layshaft fitted.
  • All new Baulk Rings.
  • Centre pick up fitted.
  • Output shaft bushes are renewed and reamed out to the correct spec along with new output shaft seals.
  • Chrome Molybdenum Differential pin (unless Cross Pin Diff Selected)
  • New Planet Gears and thrust washers.
  • Gearbox comes complete with speedo drive, pot joints, remaining gaskets from the build.


Prices are based on receiving an exchange gearbox or working on your own gearbox.