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MG Midget/Healey Sprite Road Sports 1330 - Balanced,285 Cam,Stage 3 Head

MG Midget/Healey Sprite Road Sports 1330 - Balanced,285 Cam,Stage 3 Head

PriceFrom £5,691.00
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This is an upgraded 1275 MG Midget / Healey Sprite Engine, built to Road Sports specification. Road Sports - Building on the strong foundations of the Sports package. Fully balanced bottom end including new Clutch and Flywheel. Fully dialed in timing with Vernier duplex system. Stage 3 (Road Sports Specification) Cylinder head CC checked for optimum CR. BP285 Piper Camshaft. Built using ARP Con Rod Bolts and Cylinder Heads Studs.

This package will give you a tractable 108-112 BHP


2022 Update:

Now with Swiftune Heritage Pistons

Cometic Head Gasket

Mocal Oil Cooler Kit.

  • Product Information

    It is built to the specifications below.

    • Selected 1275 Engine Block - 11 Stud Conversion, Crank Shaft, Con Rods.
    • Chemically cleaned, Thoroughly checked, inspected.
    • Machined to include, Boring +060, New Cam bearings, Skimmed fire face, 11 Stud Conversion.
    • Machined Centre Main - Centre Strap.
    • New Core Plugs (Water and Oil)
    • Balanced and Machined crank - Balanced to Rods, Clutch and Flywheel
    • New TRI-METAL King Main Bearing Shells.
    • New Thrust Washers, Shimmed correctly.
    • New TRI-METAL King Big End Bearing Shells.
    • Swiftune Heritage High Performance Pistons w/ NPR Rings
    • New Vernier Duplex Timing Chain Kit Fitted and Shimmed with Crank correctly.
    • 285 (Piper) Profile Camshaft installed.
    • Timed Correctly.
    • New Large Impeller Water Pump
    • New Billet Oil Filter Housing,
    • Braided Oil Feed Pipe.
    • Distributor Drive Fitted.
    • New iSKY Cam Followers
    • New Push Rods
    • Stage 3 (Road Sport Specification) Large Valve 12G940 Cylinder Head - 11 Stud
    • COMETIC Head Gasket
    • Built using ARP Con Rod Bolts and Cylinder Heads Studs.
    • New 1.5 Ratio Full Roller Rocker Assembly. Aligned Correctly and Shimmed for correct geometry.
    • Breather Rocker Cover w/fixings
    • Oil Pressure Sensor Fitted.
    • Oil Pressure Relief Valve Fitted.
    • MOCAL Oil Cooler Kit with Stat
    • Timing Cover and Tappet Covers Fitted.
    • All new hardware, New Gaskets.
    • New Clutch, Flywheel and Ring gear.

    Retro Sport (DSN) Billet Upgrade for:

    • Pressure Relief Valve Nut
    • Rocker Cover Bolts
    • Fuel Pump Blank (where block requires)
    • Oil Filter Housing

    Please note: Where a customer supplies their own engine for reconditioning or modification, we will use that engine and its components unless there is a defect or fault that does not allow for a rebuild. At this point a suitable like for like will be used from our core stock. For 1275cc based applications, We have MG Midget / Austin Healey Sprite and Morris Marina core units. For reconditioned standard road units, u