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CSCC Swinging Sixties - MGB 1950 Racing Engine

CSCC Swinging Sixties - MGB 1950 Racing Engine

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If you are looking to compete (or looking to be more competitive) in the Swinging Sixties (CSCC) or any of the FIA disciplines, please contact us and let us discuss.

1950cc built to CSCC Swinging Sixties specification. Fully balanced and lightened bottom end including, Steel Rods, Romac Damper Pulley Competition Flywheel, Helix AutoSport Clutch. Fully dialed in timing with Vernier Timing System. MCCS Full Race Cylinder head CC checked for optimum CR for the camshaft, 1.625 Roller Rockers, Length checked push rods. MCCS / Piper Race Camshaft. Built using ARP Main Bearing Bolts, Con Rod Bolts and Cylinder Head Studs.


2023 Updates:

  • Now with Forged OMEGA Race Pistons.
  • Cometic Race Head Gasket.
  • **We have improved the specification of the Crankshaft, Now; Balanced, Lightened, Knife-Edged / Wedged, and Polished.